You’re probably a gas or air purifier, and that means you breathe a lot of gas and have to keep it in your mask at all times.

But now you have a helium breathing treatment, which basically makes your mask waterproof and breathable.

It’s called “Gas Mask Air Treatment.”

So, if you’re like, “Man, I wish I could go to a gas station, but I’m not that person,” or “I don’t have a lot money, I’m like, ‘Why would I want to buy a gas inhaler?'”

Well, if your gas mask doesn’t have an air purifying treatment on it, then you might want to try this one out.

You can get it at many major gas stations or online.

The treatment works by giving your mask a boost of air and water to help you breathe.

It also creates a small vacuum around your mask that lets the gases in and out of your lungs work in harmony.

This is all great for people who aren’t into air purification.

But for those who are, this treatment can make it much easier to breathe while breathing in and using your mask.

You could also try this treatment for yourself, and if you do, let us know in the comments below how it worked for you.