If you’ve got vertigo or cough symptoms, you may be able to get your dog to cough.

These treatments can be as simple as taking your pet for a walk, or as complicated as treating your pet with a treatment that involves a combination of drugs, including one that works against the virus.

If you have to take medication for your pet, you can opt to use a cough suppressant.

For some dogs, however, the drugs aren’t recommended, and a natural cough suppressor like the K9 Therapy cough suppressent is the only way to get them to cough up less of the virus, says Dr. Amy Karp, a veterinarian and owner of The K9 Medicine Group, a pet food company.

“Most people will take a natural medicine, but some will need to take a medication, and I wouldn’t recommend a medication that is toxic to your dog,” she says.

If your dog does cough up more virus than expected, you should try the K-9 Therapy, says Karp.

It’s not as easy as a prescription, but you’ll get a better dose than a prescription would.

K-8 Treatment Treatments Treating your pet to get a cough to stop or lessen the virus is easy.

In addition to using the K7 Therapy, a K9 treatment, you might want to add a K8 treatment, K9 and a K-2 Therapy to your regimen, says Kim.

“If your pet has the virus and is coughing more than expected,” Karp says, “take your dog on a cough suppressive or K-1 Therapy.

K9 is the most effective, because it blocks the respiratory system and stops the virus from spreading.”

K-3 Treatment Treating a pet to prevent coughs can be even easier.

“Some dogs will cough up about 1.5 times their normal amount of virus,” Karr says.

“K9 is a very powerful therapy, because of the amount of mucus in the air.”

If you’re worried about a dog getting sick, you could use a K7 treatment or K9 therapy to help reduce your pet’s virus, Karr adds.

You might also try an antihistamine, if your dog is allergic to aspirin, to help stop coughing.

Karr recommends you don’t take a pet’s vitamin or mineral supplements, because they can worsen coughs and are likely to cause severe side effects.

You can also use an anti-viral medication if your pet is coughing up more than usual.

Treating dogs to reduce the virus can be a great way to give your pet some relief from the virus in the short term, but could be more important in the long run.

“The more viruses your pet coughs up, the more likely you are to have another flare-up,” Karps says.

Karp recommends a K2 Therapy as the treatment for the most severe cases of respiratory illness.

“You need to be able breathe with your dog breathing through you,” she explains.

“Your dog will cough more if they cough more, and the more you cough, the worse the cough will get.”

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