Doctors have taken to the emergency room for antibiotic treatments for staph infections, hoping to avoid the deadly infection.

But it appears that doctors are not using the best medicine.

Dr. James Pugh, a doctor at Boston Medical Center, says patients may be better off getting a nasal spray.

Dr Pugh says nasal sprays are not the answer.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) has warned that patients can take antibiotics even if they are not infected.

The ACOG warns that the risk of becoming infected is much higher when taking antibiotics than when taking a placebo.

The problem is, nasal spraying is not effective in treating the flu.

“If you get a shot, you don’t get a flu shot,” Dr Pough said.

So, the fact that you’re getting a shot is probably not the best way to treat a cold.” “

You’re going to be a little more vulnerable, but you’re not going to die of a cold.

So, the fact that you’re getting a shot is probably not the best way to treat a cold.”

In fact, Dr Prough says nasal spray is not a viable option, especially if you are in the hospital.

“It’s not going do anything to protect you,” he said.

But he does not think it is necessary.

“I would say it’s best to go to the doctor,” he added.

Dr Pradhan says that nasal spray has a very low efficacy rate.

“The most important thing is you don [t] use it if you have a cold,” he says.

“Most of us who are in pain will not take it.”

Dr Pouks recommended that patients see a doctor with a cold and cough medicine.

The most effective way to get a cold is to get an ice pack and drink warm water.

A cold can cause an infection, but it can be treated by an ice cream or cooling cream.

Dr Nivolay said nasal sprayers work well.

“One is not going be able to make the difference,” he explained.

“Two is going to not make a difference, because they’re not effective.”

Dr Prayas said that if a patient needs an antibiotic and a cold can’t be treated, then the doctor should go to another doctor.

“They have to look at other options,” he warned.

“When you have more than one option, then it’s not as simple.”

Dr Navola says the best option is to use a mask.

“A mask is the only thing that will prevent the infection,” he adds.

“And if you’re going out, that’s when you have the greatest chance of getting it.

But if you don to wear a mask, you have to wear gloves and you have other ways to protect yourself.”