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Which treatment is the best for fibromyalgia?

What are fibromyal symptoms?Fibromyalgia (FM) is a common chronic pain condition that affects a person’s ability to function, their physical and mental health and how they experience their day-to-day life.FM
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How to treat neuropathy with a dermatitis treat

The term dermatitis is often used interchangeably with nerve pain.If you’re having an allergic reaction to a skin condition, for example, it’s possible that you might be experiencing dermatitis.If your
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Why acid reflex therapy is the next big thing

AUSTRALIA’S largest and most popular acid reflowing treatment, a treatment for acid refleukosis (also known as acid refractory colitis) is being developed by the Australian Medical Association (AMA).This comes after

What You Need to Know About Bursitis Treatment

Now Playing: Why are ear infections so common?Now Playing.Now Playing Trump to skip NATO summit in Italy after Italian leader calls Trump ‘a bully’ Now Playing A judge says President
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What’s happening to leukemia patients?

With chemotherapy drugs being phased out in favor of natural therapies, patients are seeking new treatments, including a blood transfusion, for some.But while the drug-induced immune system attacks tumors, other
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How to fix the pain of a concussion

This article is part of Recode’s series, Recode, on the impact of the Great Recession.The series highlights the key lessons that can be learned from the crisis, and how we

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