NEW YORK — A New York man is celebrating his 20th birthday and has been diagnosed with a rare disease called sinus infections.

The infection can cause pain, stiffness and other symptoms, and doctors say he needs to be hospitalized, the New York Daily News reports.

Derrick E. Rizzo, 52, was diagnosed in 2014 with sinusitis and has had painkillers and antibiotics prescribed since, but has continued to get worse, according to a report from the New Yorker.

He said his symptoms have become more severe, and the pain has become more frequent.

“I’ve got to get up and walk out of my house and go to the hospital,” Rizzos son told the paper.

He has been seeing a primary care doctor, but it’s unclear if he’ll have to get his own.

Rizzos daughter says the family is also coping.

My dad is a very, very hard worker and a very tough person, but at the same time he’s been able to keep his life going, she told the Daily News.

Rizzo told the New Times that his son was the one who got the infection and was able to have the painkillers prescribed by doctors, but his condition worsened.

Doctors say it’s possible to have a “sinus infection without ever having an infection.”

There is a treatment for sinus injuries, and it involves the insertion of an airway to allow the patient to breathe, but doctors say this method is not a cure.

It is possible to recover from sinus disease without surgery, and this treatment is sometimes used, but there is not any FDA-approved treatment for this disease, said Dr. David Rosenbaum, a gastroenterologist at New York University Langone Medical Center in New York.

Rosenbaum said it’s likely Rizzoms son was suffering from the common cold, not a sinus condition.

Doctors are now considering whether to perform a biopsy of his sinuses, but that is still being considered.