The heartwarming story of a family who gave their child oxygen and CPR after he couldn’t breathe after being held for over two hours has gone viral on Facebook.

The footage shows the couple, from Adelaide, South Australia, giving their son the breathing treatment after he could not breath on his own.

The family are a devout Christian family who took the unusual step of taking their three-month-old son, Adam, to a hospital on Thursday night.

The young boy was admitted to hospital in critical condition, suffering a serious brain injury and swelling of his lungs.

He was taken to a specialist in intensive care with a life-threatening condition, but his condition has since improved.

The boy’s mother, Michelle, was quoted by the Adelaide Advertiser as saying Adam was not responding to the oxygen.

“He just keeps coming to us and asking, ‘Mom, can you breathe?’,” she said.

“I thought he was going to die.”

But the mother said she decided to give Adam a breath-taking oxygen mask and CPR treatment after seeing the boy’s condition.

“The boy is very weak,” she told the Adelaide Daily Times.

“When I put the mask on, he just started breathing.”

And then I told the family, we need to go get him the mask and I said, ‘We need to get the mask in your house so you can see him’.

“The mother and son then went to a nearby community to give the child oxygen.

Adam, who is six months old, was rushed to hospital with a serious condition and was then given CPR treatment, the ABC reported.

The couple have been praised by the local community for their compassion.”

So we went and got him the oxygen mask, and I thought, well, this is the best time to get him that mask.””

We need some time to heal him, so we can get him to the hospital.”

So we went and got him the oxygen mask, and I thought, well, this is the best time to get him that mask.

“Adam’s mother Michelle has also shared the footage on social media, describing it as “incredible”.”

Adam’s a little boy, and he’s very weak.

He’s a boy that’s only a year old,” she posted.”

But he’s an angel, he’s just a little angel.

He is a little miracle in this world.

“The family is now receiving support from friends and family, and have started a GoFundMe page to help them with medical bills.

The mother told ABC Radio Adelaide that Adam has a serious lung injury.”

It’s the most severe one, and it’s in the lung and he can’t breathe, so he needs to be given a breathing tube,” she added.”

Now he’s getting an oxygen mask in his room, and then we’re going to give him the breathing tube in his bedroom.