Social media and the rise of “post-truth” journalism have raised concerns about how to manage stress and what to do if your boss says something you don’t agree with.

But while we’re still learning about how and when to use technology to better manage our social media presence, the experts say you can take the right steps to keep stress in check.

Here’s how to keep your social media activity productive, and how to stay safe and calm when your boss is on a rant.1.

Know when to stop posting.

If your boss starts ranting, you might want to turn off the feed and check your social-media accounts to see what’s going on.

Don’t just keep posting what you want to say.

Make sure you know when to cut your Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, and Instagram accounts, and don’t put up too many posts in a day.2.

Don (mostly) ignore the rants.

Don and other social media users on the same page are less likely to agree on things than people who aren’t interacting, said Erin Waugh, a clinical psychologist who works with social media use in her practice.

It’s especially important for people who use the platform to be able to interact with others.

“People who aren, in essence, just sharing stuff that they want to share, they’ll just be more likely to be more active in their social media,” she said.

“You might find yourself having a conversation with somebody that you’re trying to have a conversation about, and they’re not engaging you,” she added.

“You might even be doing the exact same thing.”3. Don