I’m still figuring out what to call this game, and the next big thing I’ll probably call it is Paronychium.

That sounds like a catchy name, but it’s a new game from a different developer, Parity Interactive.

The first game in the Parity series of interactive fiction games, Paronychania is a first-person shooter with a roguelike style that lets you explore a procedurally generated world.

The game is being marketed to fans of the genre, like my friend, and is being developed by the studio’s own indie team, Parury Interactive.

I played the game on the Oculus Rift, and while I found it a little lacking in polish, the combat felt fun and the world was rich.

Parity is aiming for a November launch on Steam and Oculus Rift.

I asked Parity CEO Jeff Laidlaw about the studio being able to get into the VR space in such a short time frame.

I think it’s very unique, he said.

It was really hard to do the VR thing for a long time, but the game was so unique that we just had to do it.

It’s not a game that you would think of as a game for VR.

It really was for the HTC Vive, but we got lucky with the Oculus, and it was super easy.

What I love about this is the fact that Parity is taking the PC game model and applying it to the Oculus platform.

It gives them an opportunity to expand their portfolio and take a more ambitious approach to their platform.

For the PC, you don’t have the ability to do that.

Parity, however, does have a big console presence.

Paronychanium will launch on November 3.

You can download it from Steam and check out a trailer on the Paradychium website.