Home remedies for home dermatitis are getting a lot of attention and some are even on the market.

What to do if you have symptoms of heartworm disease or if you are experiencing a rash, itching or fever?

Here are some suggestions for treating your home itch, rash or fever.

To get started, call the Aetna hotline at 1-800-222-5100 or visit the AETNA Home Care Center.

Home remedies for your skin condition:The first step to treating your skin problem is to use a cream that contains a blend of the following ingredients:The following are also commonly used by home remedies:You can apply the cream by applying it to the area where you notice your skin problems and it should stop there.

You can then wash the cream off with soap and water, apply a moisturizer or spray it onto your skin.

You should use an over-the-counter product, such as the brand I Love Honey, to help relieve your symptoms.

Home treatments for the common cold:If you have a cough or sneezing, a cold medication such as ibuprofen or naproxen might help.

Home therapies for common cold symptoms:If your symptoms are mild or do not improve after taking a medicine, home remedies for the cold may be beneficial.

Home treatment for flu:A flu shot is a vaccine that contains the same active ingredient as a flu shot that is administered by a doctor.

Home remedy for flu shots:Home remedies to treat flu symptoms:Home treatments to treat common colds:Home treatment to treat asthma:If asthma attacks your lungs, home treatments for asthma can be helpful.

Home therapy for bronchitis:Home remedy to treat cough and cold:Home therapy to treat hay fever:Home therapies to treat other common cold illnesses:Home cures for common allergies:Home care for mild eczema:Home cure for eczemas:Home products for common skin problems:Home solutions for skin conditions:Home ailments to treat:Home diseases to treat,including allergies,:Home medications to treat allergies:There are many home remedies that are effective for treating skin conditions and allergies.

Some remedies are better than others.

Some may not work for everyone.

You can find some home remedies to help treat common skin conditions at www.nhl.com/homecare.