Tennis elbow, tennis elbow, softball, COVID-19 treatment article 10 days ago I was recently told by an athletic trainer that a softball team in the NCAA softball tournament was not permitted to use softball gloves that contained a toxin.

I have seen pictures of the gloves and I cannot imagine how they would handle a COVID disease infection.

It is very sad that the NCAA could not have foreseen that a player could become sick with the toxin in the first place and that the gloves could not handle it properly.

I believe that the use of softball glove is a violation of NCAA rules that do not allow athletes to wear gloves that contain any sort of substance.

However, the NCAA has not provided me with any evidence that the glove was tested for the toxin.

It would be interesting to know if there was an FDA-approved testing program to determine the level of the toxin, and how it is determined by the NCAA. 

I have a friend who was diagnosed with COVID and has been in the hospital for weeks.

It was a serious case that required him to be hospitalized for weeks, and the doctors in charge of his care at the time did not give him a fair trial.

I know that my friend has had a difficult time finding work and that he will be unable to pay the bills for months.

It has been a tough time for him and his family.

I hope the NCAA will not allow the use in the future of softballs and other sports of the type that were used in this case.