With the end of summer coming and a slew of women returning to the gym for the first time since they were diagnosed with ovarian cancer, there is a need for better treatments.

But as you prepare for the next round of chemotherapy treatments, you may be wondering how best to go about it.

Here are some tips on how to deal with your symptoms and how you can prevent them from getting worse.1.

Get a good dose of Vitamin C The body needs Vitamin C to help keep its immune system healthy.

While it’s usually found in foods like fruits and vegetables, it’s also found in many supplements and medications.

For this reason, you should get a small dose in the form of a shot or a tablet.

This way, it will help to boost your immune system.2.

Exercise regularly If you’re going to be in the gym every day, exercise is important.

But if you want to be able to enjoy the outdoors and get out in nature, then exercise is probably not going to have the impact you want it to.3.

Keep your immune response low It is important that your immune cell response is low.

This means that it is not making antibodies that attack the cancer cells.

This reduces the chance of them attacking your immune cells.

You can check the level of your immune responses by taking a blood test.4.

Eat nutritious foods Avoid high-calorie, high-sugar foods like chocolate and candy.

These foods may have the effect of triggering an immune response that is high in production of antibodies.

You may also be able find some healthy, low-sodium foods at the supermarket.5.

Take an antiviral medicine If you are diagnosed with cancer and have other serious medical conditions, you might want to consider taking an antivirus medicine to fight the disease.

Antiviral medicines help to suppress the immune system, which can help to reduce your symptoms.

It is usually recommended to take two or three of them a day, depending on your symptoms, according to the Mayo Clinic.6.

Eat more vegetables The amount of carbohydrates you eat matters.

If you eat lots of processed foods and sugars, you are likely to have a lower amount of your body’s own natural sugar, which helps to raise your immune status.

In addition, you can eat more leafy greens, such as spinach and broccoli.7.

Avoid red meat This is probably the most important tip you can follow when you are getting ready to exercise.

If your diet is too high in red meat, your body will not be able get enough Vitamin C and help fight off the harmful effects of cancer cells and other toxins.8.

Take a vitamin supplement Avoid taking too many supplements because they can boost your immunity, which is why many people opt for vitamin supplements to help combat the effects of the disease and help your body fight off any infection.

Some people may not be so fortunate.9.

Do a skin-to-skin exam If you have ovarian cancer and you’re in a state of shock, it may be wise to take a skin to skin exam to make sure there are no other underlying health conditions that may be affecting your symptoms or your overall health.

The exam should also be done with a doctor in order to make certain that the results are correct.10.

Follow up with your health care provider If you develop any new symptoms, you will need to get checked by your doctor.

In some cases, this will take a few weeks or even months.