A drug that could dramatically reduce the number of HERPs in the United States and Europe has hit the market.

The drug, which is being tested by researchers in France and Germany, could potentially be a boon for patients and their doctors as it treats a disease that is so prevalent.

“It could have tremendous value for the industry,” said Dr. James K. Lefkowitz, chief of the Infectious Diseases and Surgery Branch at New York University Langone Medical Center.

“It’s one of those things that has the potential to be the next blockbuster drug.”

Dr. Lufkowitz and his team tested a drug called bistatitis-A-Cyclovir, or BAC-C, which was developed by Pfizer Inc. and Sanofi S.A. The drug targets HERP-1, which can cause pain, fever and inflammation in the joints and blood vessels.

Herpes is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections in the U.S. and the number has soared in recent years due to a combination of factors including more people contracting the virus from sex and more people taking drugs that suppress the immune system, such as steroids and antibiotics.

Researchers at the New York-based New York City Biomedical Research Institute have been using the drug for years to treat a disease they believe is growing in prevalence, and they expect it to have an enormous impact on the treatment of people with HERPes.

“This drug is very, very powerful,” said K.C. Lutz, a clinical professor at NYU Langone who studies the effects of steroids and other drugs on immune cells.

In addition to treating HERPs, the drug could also help to prevent or treat other infections.””

The question is: Can we make it as safe and as effective as possible?”

In addition to treating HERPs, the drug could also help to prevent or treat other infections.

“One of the things that we’re interested in is figuring out how to prevent other infections that could cause infection and make it less likely that we’ll end up having more infections,” Lufdokowitz said.

“If you have a disease like this, and you’re treated with a drug like bistititis-B, you’re going to get a lot more infections and have a higher mortality rate,” he said.

Dr. James Lefksowitz, of New York’s Langone medical center, has been testing a new drug to treat HERPitis.

He said it has a potential to significantly reduce the rate of HERMs in the country and Europe.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people who had received the drug at least once a week for six months were less likely to develop an infection after receiving a blood test for HERPpos than people who didn’t get the drug.

The researchers also found that the treatment was effective in treating certain strains of HERpes, but not others.

“The one thing that we really want to know is, what do we need to know in order to know how effective it is to be on the road to treating it?”

Lufcoks said.

“What does it mean for the future of HERp-1 treatment?

And what are the potential side effects?”

A number of studies have found that certain strains are more common in certain parts of the world.

However, the exact strain is not known.

The study that Lefkosz and his colleagues conducted at NYU, called the HERP Study, looked at patients from all over the world, but also looked at those in the same city.

The researchers found that patients in the US, Canada, the U-Korea and Australia were all more likely to get infections than patients in France, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Spain and the UK.

Researchers also found a difference in the effectiveness of bistatal and bistatinib.

In the study, the HERPs tested were found to have higher rates of HER2 and HERP2-related complications, including joint swelling, blood clots and blood clumping.

The scientists found that bistalib was more effective than bistaticib.

Bistatalib has been approved for use in the EU.

The French company also has a patent for bistatiabib.

But the drug hasn’t been tested on people with Herpes because of safety concerns.

The company says it is working on developing a generic version of bismatib that would be easier to get.