What are the best and safest ways to treat your eyes?

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Can fluoride be injected into the eyes? 

What are some of the side effects of fluoridation treatment?

What is the long-term effect of fluorosis?

Is there a safe level of fluoride in the water? 

Where can I get fluoride?

How much fluoride can I drink? 

Does fluoridation reduce my risk of developing fluorosis in the eyes or other parts of my body?

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How does fluorosis affect children?

Is it a health hazard?

What if my child has a fluorosis-related eye condition?

Are there any other health effects?

Is fluorosis related to other diseases?

What should I do if I suspect fluorosis and need treatment?

Why do some people experience flu-like symptoms after exposure to fluoride?

What happens to my eyes after exposure?

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What else can be done to reduce flu-related symptoms?

How long does fluoride treatment last?

Can my family or pets drink fluoridated water?

What can I do to keep fluoride safe?

Can fluorosis be prevented?

Can I be vaccinated against fluorosis or prevent flu-induced damage to my kidneys?

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What foods are safe to eat when drinking fluoridated or bottled water?

Are fluoridated food products safe to consume?

Is fluoride in tap water safe for babies?

Are children’s toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other fluoride-based products safe for consumption?

Are toothpaste and toothbrush manufacturers and sellers responsible for their products?

Are they regulated by the FDA?

Can you get a free fluoridated test?

Is a free fluoride test available?

What to do if you are unsure if you or someone you know is at risk for flu-associated symptoms.

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